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Monthly Archives: July 2006

There are all types of weddings..

I’ve been to weddings with 400 or 500 guests and even though it is a day of celebration and everyone is in a great mood, it almost feels like when you are in a rock concert, where you can hardly see the band (they look more like small ants dancing in the distance), but yet […]

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Speaking of family just made me think of this past weekend. I had spent 4 days in a cruise ship in the Bahamas in my first ever family reunion.Roberto and cruise are two words that I wouldn’t usually use in the same sentence, but believe it or not, it was actually a good idea for […]

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Heather and Erik

I’ve been to Baltimore very few times. This time I came to photograph Heather and Erik’s wedding.Everyone in the party had come from multiple places; Ohio, Virginia, Florida, New York… I don’t think anyone lives in Maryland!! Then why have the wedding here?, well it was for a couple of reasons, but one of them […]

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Masha and Sky in Croton

Sunday I had a very different wedding. It happened outdoors at the Croton Point Park. A few years ago (When I was enjoying the subsidy by Columbia University) I learned that New York City received all it’s water from this area and that’s why for some time people use to call tap water “Croton Water”. […]

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Jan and Marco in NYC subways

This past weekend was a busy one for me. I photographed two weddings and very different from each other…Jan and Marco got married at Columbia University’s Chapel and had their party accross the street at the beautiful “Casa Italiana“.After having an emotional party where Jan’s grandparents celebrating their 80th birthday at the same time (yes, […]

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Destination Wedding Photography in Tobago

All weddings are celebrations and moments of joy, but destination weddings in particular have the additional element of vacation-feel to them. Everyone attending the wedding is out of their own element, which makes them relax and enjoy the location. This past weekend didn’t come any short. I celebrated Tisola and Mick’s wedding in the beautiful […]

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