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Image of the Month – November

This is Catherine and Alejandro. We took this image at the end of the night of their wedding. I love working with clients that can go along with my vision…. even if they have to lay down on the cold grass for a few minutes! Congratulations again to both of you!!!

Always keep an eye open

Very often while photographing an egagement session I stumble accross an image that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. It is not a distraction, but a surprise that makes me pause for a second. The bells go on when I see something and I just have to grab it.  Here are a…

Halloween 2010

For 5 years I have been photographing kids during Halloween.  It is always so much fun to see so many familiar faces and see how creative some of you get! Thanks everyone for stopping by.  We will see you Nov 15 at the studio so you can pick up your free print !! Check out…