Image of the Month – August 2019


This month I am featuring an image I took on a trip I did earlier in the year. It was taken in the small island of Gorée, just across the bay from Dakar, Senegal. 
400 years ago the first slaves where brought to the coast of North America. The Island of Goree served as one of the ports from which thousands of slaves were shipped to the Americas (North and South)… and a sad chapter of our history as human beings began.
One of the slave houses that existed in the island was converted into a museum, and visiting it was incredibly powerful. Learning about the history and some of the details of how the trade work was horrifying, but very important.

It is crucial to learn about history and keep in mind what we have done as a human race in the past so we can learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

The New York Times Magazine is starting an interesting series (The 1619 Project) that will cover this in detail.

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