8 Reasons Why Printing Family Photos is Important

We live in the digital age, and it’s wonderful! We can capture images of anything and everything, meaning that those precious memories will be with us forever.

But let’s have a think for a second – all those images on your phone…when was the last time you printed them out?

My job as a professional photographer is to create precious memories in tangible form for you and your family.  Finished photographs you can hold in your hands that become family treasures. I take this seriously and it makes me so happy to see my work finished and enjoyed in frames, on the walls, and in albums in my client’s homes. I would be doing you a disservice to solely hand you digital files and leave it to you to create the final product.

Here, I am going to share the reasons why I feel so strongly about it. 

1. A print is tangible.

Your interactive experience with something tangible is more complex and complete. Looking through a photo album in your lap is very different than on a computer. And a print on your wall can put a smile on your face every day.

2. A print is art. Photos make great decor.

There are so many ways to print and display an image. Textures and colors and sizes that all contribute to the enjoyment of that picture. And they make your home a beautiful and warm space, full of life.

We all love to make our homes beautiful, so why not use the images you’ve taken yourself to do that. I’m an extreme case, obviously, because of my job, but most of the “wall art” in my home is imagery I’ve taken myself. Pick your favorite images, blow them up, frame them, and make a gallery wall of your life.

3. You will look at them.

How often do you sit on your phone, and look back through all your old images. Or your computer? Yeah, not often….  If you get your images printed, you’re going to look at them more often.

4. A print is a final product. A digital file is only an ingredient.

5. A print is classic, timeless and lasting.

A print will be there decades from now as part of your family’s historical record. Provided they are printed well – a good reason for professional printing.  Wouldn’t you love to have an old, well cared for print of your grandparents as bride and groom, or your parents as children?

6. A print can be a gift.

One that keeps giving as it brings on-going smiles to the faces of the recipients. A digital file, is well, just another computer file.

7. Prints are important for your Children.

There is a well-known study called  Phototherapy in Mental Health authored by David A. Krauss and Jerry L. Fryrear.  Within the pages of it, David Krauss, a licensed psychologist, says “I think it is really important to show a family as a family unit. It is so helpful for children to see themselves as a valued and important part of that family unit. A photographer’s job is to create and make the image look like a safe holding space for kids where they are safe and protected. Kids get it on a really simple level.”   Reread that quote. It’s such a powerful statement.

And lastly …

8. Computers die, hard drives fail, paper doesn’t

We hear all the time about the heartbreak that happens when someone’s computer or hard drive crashes and they realize that they’ve lost everything. And there’s a simple solution: print. Print all your favorite images, the moments that are the most precious, so that if something terrible does happen, you’ve got a tangible version of your memory.


What is a finished print?
It’s one that has been retouched – polished to look it’s best. Then printed on professional grade photo-paper, canvas or album pages in accurate, lasting colors.

Digital files are fun to share on social media and I’m happy for you to use the files for those and other purposes too. But your memories deserve to be finished, printed and enjoyed for a lifetime, not just used as your profile pic for a couple of days. This is why I offer many printing and framing choices, along with albums, to give you lots of options.

As a professional photographer I believe in and value the images I create for you. And I know that your prints and albums are a wise investment today and always.


These are some examples of what we’ve done for our clients: