"A photograph can say 1000 words" they say, but I also believe that telling stories can be done in a compelling ways using a series of photographs displayed in a beautiful and clean designed book. 

Over the years, I have designed books for each one of the travel projects I have worked on.  It is a process that has helped me think of how to tell stories while I am creating the photographs.  It makes me think of a project as a whole and not as just individual images. 

As much as I enjoy photographing the subjects in my projects, I also enjoy the process of designing unique ways of presenting them.  I feel like a books is a great compliment to an art piece that can be displayed.  Books are a great way of telling stories.  In the process of designing books, I have to make decisions about how to approach it; for example I would have to think about telling a story in a chronological way or perhaps tell it dictated by a clean design that reveals a portion of the story bit by bit. 

The design of the books have to let the photographs speak for themselves.  That's why I usually tend to create minimalistic design that will compliment the photographs, rather than overwhelm them.