This project revolves around cocoa and chocolate in its contact with the human being, portraying everyone, from the farmer to the producer, revealing the chocolatiers and, of course, the consumers.

Chocolate, from the most pure and bitter square to the one mixed with milk and spices, activates all our senses. Its aroma brings a smile to our faces and to children it makes them become more alert, their eyes dance in search of the source of this feeling. Our gaze delights with the abstract shapes and concrete figures that we can find. As it melts in our mouths it opens us to an explosion of positive emotions because it activates endorphins, hormones that make us feel joy, vitality and well-being.

There are several ways we can consume it, but what captivates us is that each person has a personal history with chocolate.  Memories of childhood in the farm, seeds drying on the road, grandma's hot chocolate ... etc.

Ecuador is the largest exporter of fine cocoa worldwide and is so coveted that the country saw the need to obtain a certificate of denomination of “origin”. We are interested in this concept as mentioning the word “origin” allows us to talk about what comes out of the earth, the natural, the wealth that gives us the proximity to the natural and therefore the welfare that derives from it.

How many of us do not dream of swimming in chocolate pools or immersing ourselves in a fondue pool?

Who and how are subjects?
We want to highlight the fact that chocolate goes through our lives throughout its different stages. For this reason, the people portrayed will be real people and very diverse in age, physical context and cultural origin. We can have a pregnant woman and a grandmother, a boy and a bald man, young people with dreadlocks or tattoos, very thin and very agile people and very fat or very strong people ...

How are the photos?
We want to play with the body shapes and textures of the skin and gradually allow them to bathe with the flow of dark chocolate. For this reason the portraits will be in a natural state, naked, to highlight the idea of the terrestrial and natural, the idea of “origin” mentioned above.

Artists Bios:
Roberto Falck is a professional photographer based in New York City.
Many of his fine art projects involve indigenous people from around the world.  His project “Clay and Ash” was featured in the National Geographic proof blog.  He has received multiple awards for his work by institutions including Communication Arts, National Geographic, Seeker projects, PPA, WPPI and AI-AP.

Mayfe Ortega is a visual artist based in Quito, Ecuador.
She is interested in generating spaces and moments that allow people to interact, learn, discover and re-discover ... Her work includes the feature film “Blomberg´s secrets”, the educational TV series “The invensible team” and  “Dreamcatchers”.  She has also organized the first Deaf Film Festival in latin America.