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Stage 1… Babyhood

Babyhood is so special, yet one that passes quickly. Feedings, bottles stacked up, mountains of laundry and little sleep seem to be the norm. Every day is a first... first smile, first tooth, first words, and first faltering steps. Be sure to take the time to capture each of these four ages within the Babyhood Stage, completing the first stage in this journey through time.

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Age: newborn-3 months: Babies at this age love seeing mom and dad's face more than anything else, so we suggest Black and White portraits which enables us to come in close and showcase the intimate relationship developing between mom, dad, and baby. We often feature dad in this portrait because he has bigger and rougher hands which create stunning imagery when holding a newborn or very young infant.

Age: 6-9 months: Halfway through the first year of life is a time to celebrate. At this age we suggest a color portraits as baby is strong enough to sit up and explore the world around them. With nothing else to distract, their personality shines through as they giggle. Since baby now has good posture and great facial expressions and does not push away from mom this type of portrait is ideal.

This is also one of the last times we incorporate photographing your baby nude. This is a KEY MILESTONE portrait.

Age: 12 months: Active could best describe this age! Crawling, walking, and climbing... this age is on the move! Because of the activity and volatility of this age, we suggest a combination of studio photos with candid portraits taken on-location with the entire family while spotlighting the baby.

This is a KEY MILESTONE portrait.