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Stage 3… Childhood

Childhood encompasses a time of intense change as school now comes into play. These are some of the most enjoyable times as we see our children learn the fundamentals of reading, writing and social skills. We can now communicate on a more mature level, and mood swings become less frequent.

Age four years: Mesmerized by their world, the four year old is verbal, active, and like a sponge, soaking up every second of life. Wanting to please their parents is the goal at this age, and if they can get a laugh every so often, they are content. A suggested portrait at this age is a Color Study, reflecting their colorful personalities.

Age five years: Many changes take place in a child's life, but none so drastic as losing their teeth. Faces lose their babyish look and elongate, and you realize that your toddler is now a child!

This is the perfect time for a KEY MILESTONE portrait.

Age seven years: The suggested portrait at this age is a Lifestyle Portrait of the child as well as a family portrait to bridge the gap between Childhood and the next stage of Youth. This would be a great time to think about choosing a location other than our studio for the portrait, we can suggest the best one for your case.