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Stage 2… The Toddler

Having a toddler is probably the most challenging and rewarding times in your as a parent. Many changes take place during these years in language, motor skills and moods. Often, another sibling is born into the family during these years, presenting another challenge both for the toddler and the parents. What a precious time this becomes as the prospect of Kindergarten looms, and you realize that your baby has now graduated to the next stage of development; Toddler.

We suggest starting a Diploma Program - The ever changing faces of growing up!

18 months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years

Age 18 months: Although on the way to becoming a completely independent little person, a toddler of 18 months is still grasping onto mom with one hand while reaching for the future with the other. This "clingy" personality lends itself to a portrait with mom or dad, featurning the child with mom or dad's hints.

Age two years: This KEY MILESTONE portrait is the halfway mark between early toddler and mature toddler and is a busy age full of delight as well as uncertainty and never ending energy. Because of this, we suggest a Black and White portrait which includes parents as props as they become the stability and comfort for a child this age.

Age three years: This time in a child's life is the beginning of a learning adventure that is so fun to watch. Children are playful and love make-believe and games. The suggested portrait at this age is a Freestyle session with images that are captured your family and child in a loose, journalistic style.

Pastels or bright colors set the stage for this magically fun portrait that would be perfect for your child's bedroom decor.