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Stage 5… Young Adult

Young Adult is the final stage before your child leaves home. Statistics show that parents take less candid photographs at these ages making it even more important to capture these special moments with a portrait.

Age sixteen years: Definitely a milestone in life, it seems many things change at this age. Our "children" start driving, become more independent, text nonstop, start dating and stop asking our opinion!

Adulthood is on the horizon, and to most parents, it is now becoming reality that their child will soon be an adult.

We suggest a Black and White Study at this age to capture all of the nuances of this special age.

Age eighteen years: Our suggestion for this age is a Senior portrait, capturing all the facets of your soon-to-be high school senior. Whether interested in sports, music drama or art, our Senior portraits reflect these interests with a contemporary flair and loads of fun!

The perfect time to do this portrait is the spring or summer before your teen is a high school senior. This is a KEY MILESTONE portrait.

Because graduation is just around the corner, don't miss this opportunity to also show the growing friendship that exist between mother and daughter or father and son as adults with a black and white