- 1 hour photography session.
- Price: $180
- Call the studio to schedule a consultation so that we can understand your photography needs and provide an accurate quote.

Document your baby's first year!
3 sessions total: newborn (up to 6 weeks old), 6 months old, and first birthday
Price: $450
* Participate in the BEBE Collection before your baby is born and receive a complimentary maternity session
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- You host the party either at your home or at the park with up to 8 kids.
- You receive $50 credit for products for each child that we photograph (minimum 5 children).
- We will come to the party and photograph YOUR kid and your friend’s kids.
- Session fees are $100 per child.

Give us a call and we can give you more details.

The Birthday Club celebrates the growth and change of your child. As a member of the club, you will remember those years from infancy through sixteen with a unique collection of portraits.

- Receive a complimentary portrait session every year during the month of your child's birthday.
- Session is for child who's birthday it is.
- Enrollment fee: $500
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4 hour coverage of a family life.
We will document the day in your family life. visiting grandparents?, going to the park? strolling through the city?
10 page Hard bound book (like if you would have bought it in the bookstore !!) that will tell the story of the day
Price: $2900

Not sure when the right time to photograph your child is? View our suggestions on our Life in Portraits program.

Also, make sure to check out our calendar for Limited Edition Sessions