We are excited to be working with you at the Simply Kids party. We love working with children and families like you.  The following information is meant to answer any questions you may have about the photo session.

What is the pricing for the session and products?

Session fee:
$150 per family participating

Finished Products:

We offer a variety of products and we will go over them before the viewing and purchasing appointment (read below for details). You can view our Product Guide to have an idea of the products available.

*** We will schedule a phone meeting to go over all details and answer any questions prior to the Simply Kids Party

What should my child wear?

Choose plain simple clothing. What the children enjoy wearing and you enjoy seeing them in, keeping in mind the final images will be presented on your walls in your home. No stars and stripes and as few logos as possible. You are very welcome to discuss this further with us depending on the look wanted.

What time should I arrive?

It is best if you arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled session. Sessions are 30 minutes long and it is important that we have the full 30 minutes with each child.

It is a party so you are welcome to come early and hang out!. Please check with your host about the best time to arrive.

How do we order prints?

We will schedule your Viewing and Purchasing Appointment in the afternoon of the day of the session. We will confirm with you the exact time prior to the session.

What is a viewing and Purchasing Appointment

This is the time that we will show you the images from the session and you will make all your decisions about what to purchase. To help you with this, we will make suggestions based on your personal style and the style of your home. The purchasing appointment will take around one hour and is the only time you will be able to see your photos and make your decisions. If you need a partner to be there for that we welcome them to the viewing. Images are not put up online. In addition, it is best as a child free appointment.

There are different products that you can choose from. Examples of products are: Wall Portraits, Wall Collections, albums and gift prints (8x10 prints or smaller). We will bring samples of these to your viewing and will will also talk to you about this over the phone.

A good way of preparing for this appointment is to walk around your house and identify 2 or 3 different locations where you can imagine displaying your images. Once identified you can take a photograph of the space (just like the example bellow) and email it to us so that we can show you which images of your child will look best in which parts of your house.

- Photos parallel to the wall work best
- Measure a piece of furniture or existing artwork
- Email the photos to

If you need to communicate with the studio for any reason our number is 718-230-0718.