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This is a collection of underwater portraits of a variety of subjects ranging from dancers, pregnant women to brides and grooms.

Underwater photography is a fascinating experience.   For one, the unexpected is the king, because everything behaves differently when it is floating under the surface.  Fabric moves in ethereal ways, making the images appear dreamy and dreamlike. 

Communication with the subject is different because you have to wait until you come out of the water to get and give feedback, making the process slower and more methodical. 

We have created underwater portraits for book covers like Disney published Jennifer Donnelly's "Deep Blue" and "Rogue Wave".

New York Underwater Photographer

The majority of the images displayed in this gallery were created in and around New York.  Feel free to call us if you would like to inquire about this technique.

Underwater models

We are always looking for exciting and different projects.  If you are interested in collaborating to create a art please call us to discuss your ideas.